Happy Halloween....


Since Halloween is this week I wanted to pass along some thoughts to keep you looking your best long after the last jack-o-lantern has dimmed, and the candy bowl is empty. Taking just a few proactive steps can make all the difference between entering the holiday season with healthy, glowing skin, and needing weeks to recuperate. No matter what age you are, limiting damage to skin is vita if you want to keep looking your best. So, here’s a few tips:

• Don’t get a peel or exfoliate for at least a week before Halloween. If you plan to wear heavy makeup for Halloween, exfoliating or doing other skin treatments such as peels that open up your pores can cause problems, which damage your skin. Give your skin at least a week of rest before Halloween by using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer but saving more elaborate skin treatments for November.

• Be proactive by using a primer before your Halloween makeup is applied. This will protect your skin so that you don’t experience problems after a night of fun.

• Think about how the ingredients of the products you’re using on your face for Halloween will impact it after removal. So, say you’re going to be a devil for Halloween. If your plan is to pile on the red goop that you got at the Halloween store, stop and look before you leap. Keep in mind that certain products and certain dye colors can be abrasive to skin and sometimes a faint color can last for several days after you try to remove it. My best advice? Before you purchase a product, do some research on it. You can look at reviews and even do a quick search remove tips. If any remove advice sounds harsh, go with your gut. There are plenty of good products out there that won’t be harsh.

• Following on the heels of the last point, purchase the products you’re going to use to remove your Halloween makeup the same day you purchase your makeup. Since I assume you don’t walk around with red paint slathered all over your face most days of the year, your usual products most likely will need a boost. If you really want to minimize the damage to your skin, consider purchasing a few special items to remove the makeup and also to baby your skin a bit when you go to bed after that big party. Purchase them ahead of time because you’re not going to feel like hitting the store on the way home from the party.

• Limit your alcohol. I know, it’s a party and you’re ready for fun, but have you ever noticed how after a night out your skin takes a few days to bounce back? Alcohol is damaging to skin and as you mature, it becomes more of a challenge for it to rebound.

• Sugar. Need I say more? We all know what it does to our waistline but remember that it also directly impacts your skin. Sugar raises insulin levels which causes a burst of inflammation throughout the body. This produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Ever heard of glycation? That’s the process in which digested sugar permanently attaches to the collagen in your skin, making it stiff and inflexible. And that’s real bad news. Consider having a treat for yourself that’s healthy and can help you resist the temptation of dipping into your kid’s Halloween bag. Your skin will thank you.

Have a Blessed and Boo**tiful Day!!!!

Xo ~ Melissa

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