Time to change it up....


Fall is a wonderful season that brings lots of changes to our schedules (kids back in school YAY!!), our wardrobes (time to bring out that favorite sweater!), and even our diets (hello, candy corn and pumpkin pie!). But have you given any thought to the changes seasons bring to your skin? I know. You’ve just gotten into a comfortable routine and you feel like everything is fine. That’s terrific, but if you want to keep getting good results, you need to think about the new demands that fall is going to put on your skin. In other words, what worked great all summer is going to end up lackluster in the fall. That’s the bad news. The good news is that just a few changes and you can keep that gorgeous glow that you’ve been nurturing the past few months.

First, let me tell you a bit about those changes.

• Temperature being the most obvious the new lower temps can take a toll on skin. For normal to dryer skin types the natural production of oil can slow down as the temperature drops, and result in a lack of luster and sensitivity due to dryness and compromised skin barrier. • Blood vessels can also constrict more during these cold seasons resulting in a duller appearance. • Influx of blowing heat from houses to cars to the office place can really wreck havoc and dehydrates skin if it’s not protected properly. Dehydrated skin lacks water and the lack of water keeps the skin from performing its natural functions. • Often our diets change during cold months, feeling the need to eat warmer hardier foods also can be a blow to our glow. Fresh, antioxidant rich foods that feed the skin and cells protection can be greatly reduced when our diets change • Baby its cold outside….doesn’t really make you want to run for your water bottle but drinking less water and more coffee/warm beverages in the cooler months can really add up over time, especially if those drinks are sweet or alcoholic….but that’s a whole other blog! • Not changing your products for the upcoming season especially if you reside in cooler region can be the beginning of the end when it comes to preserving, protecting and preventing premature aging! Basically, we need to protect our skin and feed it. In the fall and winter the correct toners that hydrate and provide a great surface to accept the next products. Serums are a must and using a more emollient moisturizer to protect and hydrate. Fall is all about making sure you don’t lose moisture as the air begins to cool and nurturing the skin. This is the time to help your skin recover from any sun damage experienced in summer. That means you may want to talk to your skincare professional about what changes your may need to make for your specific skin type.

Here is a couple tips you can use this fall

• Exfoliate: Do this a few times a week but be careful not to overdo it. You want to encourage cell turnover, not cause more damage. • Moisturize in a new way: After washing your skin, only slightly pat dry and then immediately add moisturizer. You want to lock in the moisture present in your skin and that’s a great time to hit the maximum. • Protect your lips: Most people wait until their lips are dry and cracked before really thinking about hydration. That means they’re allowing the skin on lips to become damaged and then trying to fix it. Be proactive and start using lip balm with SPF on a regular basis BEFORE your lips get dry. • Switch from gels and lotions to creams: As the weather gets cooler you’ll want something thicker than a lotion. (depending on your skin type) • Moisturize hands: You don’t need hands that look old and dried up, so just like with your lips, be proactive. Use hand cream every day whether or not your hands feel dry. • Always, always, always use sunscreen even in fall and winter. Prevention and protection is everything!

Have a Blessed And Beyoutiful Day!!!


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