Prescriptions aren't always the answer...

This is a clients story that touched my heart, and with her permission I am able to share it with all of you. One day I got a call from a friend asking me if I could help her daughter, she had been suffering with sever acne and nothing they had tried had been helping. After being to the Dermatologist many times over several years, and they finally had a decision to make. The decision boiled down too putting her on a prescription medication for the acne or find another alternative.

Finding another alternative was their choice because of all the side effects the medication could have. This was a very happy young lady

who other then suffering with this condition was other wise healthy She did an amazing job of using makeup to cover what she could but the problem came in when it was starting to affect her self esteem. Not only was she feeling bad emotionally but it was often so painful that it would leave her in tears and keep her home from school.

Being from the holistic side of skincare personally I was happy to see her choose a different alternative to a prescription. We looked at her daily routine with products, makeup and application, diet and water intake. With some professional treatments, better at home products, and a few small tweaks to her diet we were able to accomplish quite a lot in about 4 month time.

I am very happy with her results and most of all that she has regained her confidence and learned the skills to help keep her skin healthy and clear.

The blessing in this work is to help others feel confident and beyoutiful!

Have a Blessed and Beyoutiful Day ~~~ Melissa

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