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8 Tips For Updating Your Skincare Routine From Summer To Fall

A change of season means a change in the way our skin behaves which can sometimes result in seasonal dryness, breakouts, and a general lackluster appearance

TIP #1: Switch Up Your Cleansing Routine A good rule of thumb is to use a non-drying, sulfate-free gel cleanser in the morning and a lightweight, lotion-based cleanser at night. A cleansing lotion that’s milder be more effective in dissolving makeup on the faces surface and within the pores.

TIP #2: Boost Hydration Toners are often overlooked in a skin-care regimen, if you’re not using one you should start Toners which are alcohol-free are a perfect way to give your skin the water and hydration it so desperately needs in the fall

TIP #3: Try Out a Heavier Moisturizer A lightweight moisturizer works well for summer, however the colder months requires a little heavier moisturizer to prevent moisture loss. You can also use a little oil and add a few drops to your moisturizer as needed.

TIP #4: Protect Using SPF This could be surprising but, (similar to spring) our skin can still be exposed to a tremendous amount of UV damage, a misconception is when the temperature is cooler we wouldn’t be exposed to harmful rays but that is false. UVA rays can cause skin cancer and premature wrinkles and are just as strong in July and August. Protection is essential all year around

TIP #5: Add Retinol Back To Your Routine

If you took a break from retinol (vitamin A) during the summer, you can add it back in, Opt for either a non-prescription retinol serum or a prescription retinoid which will help to dramatically reduce the appearance of brown spots caused by the summer sun, lines, and wrinkles. Hands down, retinol and prescription retinoids are the most scientifically proven ingredients for smoothing the texture of the skin.

TIP #6: Exfoliate Certain skin types can be prone to increased sensitivity in summertime from heat, chlorine, and sun, exfoliation should be minimal. It’s important in the Fall to exfoliate in order to repair and brighten your complexion. You can use a well-formulated facial scrub or an at-home exfoliating peel. Exfoliating reduces breakouts and removes dead skin cells that trap oil.

TIP #7: Change The Type of Mask Water based skin masks are best for hydrating the skin, they are also beneficial for oily skin. They are help in soothing redness in sensitive skin. Cream masks help with dryness and contain moisturizing oils that help to deeply hydrate and plump up normal to dry skin types.

TIP #8: How is Your Skin Reacting Regardless of seasons, our skin, is constantly changing and adapting to whatever we throw at it, it’s important to listen to your skin for signs when it’s not reacting the way it typical does. Is it tight, dry, or experiencing more breakouts then normal? Is it more sensitive? IS so it could be your skin routine. Watching to how your skin reacts is using because it is trying to tell you something.

It could also be your diet, proper nutrition plays a huge role in skin care if you’re looking to schedule a free consultation with a trusted skin-care professional contact us today, were here to help!

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