Body Contouring - Body Wraps

Detox and Contour


1) Cleanses the liquid waste system


2) Aids in the removal of cellulite by softening, breaking down the freeing trapped toxins and waste materials in the connective tissues through normal body function


3) Stimulates circulation to aid in healing problem areas due to poor circulation;

4) Creates circulation through a niacin-based cream


5) Uses plastic wrap to help hold in heat, stimulate lymphatic flow and apply light acupressure


6) Reduces water retention


7) Tightens and tones the skin


8) Helps a client to lose one half dress or pant size per treatment


9) Assists any of the BeaYOUtiful lifestyle change programs, particularly Fibromyalgia, Candida, Weight Loss, or any other health issue that involves a deplete immune system


10) Is particularly helpful when used in conjunction with the BeaYOUtiful Weight Loss Program, as it enables a person to lose excess inches while losing weight


11) Uses a wrap that offers permanent inch loss through body cleansing, rather than being a weight or water loss wrap

Though wonderful results come from BeYOUtiful wraps alone, a Body Contouring Wrap is also part of a total Body Contour and Cellulite Reduction Program. 


For Maximum inch loss and lasting cellulite reduction, it is recommended that the body first be conditioned by detoxifying the lymph elimination system.  This is accomplished through the M’lis 3-day Detoxification cleanse.


Taking CELL-U-RID herbs prior to the first Contour Wrap and between wraps in a series continues to soften the cellulite and flush the system to get the most inch loss out of each wrap.  This is especially helpful to those with very hard cellulite.


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Maximize your Body Contour Wrap results with this full-body care kit to keep off the inches and maintain your new slimmer shape.


The Cellulite Home Care Kit is intended for use between professional body wraps but can also be used on its own for at-home body-transforming benefits. Exfoliate dull, dry skin, eliminate toxins and retained water, and keep the inches off, all in one easy-to-use kit!

Series of (6) Wraps &

Firming Facial




Detox Body Wrap


$ 100.00

Detox Wrap w/Firming Facial or LED light Therapy Treatment