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Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to the big day we know you have a lot of questions.  

Below your'll find some commonly asked questions by brides just like you



February 03, 2016

What services do you offer?  

Check out my Services Page for an explanation of each individual service

  • The short answer is:

  • makeup (airbrushed and hand-applied)

  • hair styling

  • false lashes (strips and individual flares)

  • men's grooming

  • retain services

January 13, 2016

What if more people want makeup/hair on the day of my event?

If more bridesmaids decide at the last minute to retain our services letting us know in advance would be very helpful.  We may not have enough time to accommodate everyone at the last minute, but will try the best we can, within reason.  


Contact us right away if you think more bridesmaids will be interested

February 03, 2016

I have a skin problem (allergies, sensitivities, acne, rosacea, vitiligo, a birthmark, etc.)  How will this work when applying my bridal make-up? 

Our skin experts are trained professionals in this arena and can help to cover mild to severe skin discolorations, while also working with sensitive skin types. 


Contact The products we use are specifically designed to work around your personal circumstances. If you have a specific allergy, please contact me so we can ensure your application is safe...

August 05, 2015

How long will my makeup last?  

Be-You-tiful Balance has professional makeup artists who are trained to apply your makeup using reliable, professional products our technique is designed not to break down and continue to be flattering in photos all day.  Our technique allows your makeup to be tear, sweat, and kiss proof. 


We also make our services  available for adjustments and touch ups throughout your big day or you can use your bridal touch up kit given to all brides we apply make-up.  

January 01, 2016

I'm not used to wearing a lot of make-up, will I look too made up for the wedding?

We offer a FREE pre-make-up session to our brides so being all done up on the big day. This day will be important to see exactly how your make-up will look on the day of your wedding. 


We firmly believe that wedding makeup should look like you, yet refined, polished and last a bit longer then normal.  


You might choose dramatic, simple or natural.  The pre-seesion will refine these details, keeping in mind that it should be a little heavier in order to read well in a photograph


  • At your trial, we can try different applications and take test photographs to find a look that's right for you, yet photographs look Be-YOU-tifully Balanced

  • Feel free to retain our services for after the makeup for ceremony, photos, and/or reception.  Please contact me for custom pricing for this service. 









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