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Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening


BeYOUtiful Teeth Whitening is all-natural and FDA-approved.   Our process is a combination of strong gel, heat, and light.  Using this process speeds up and intensifies the whitening process to provide wonderful and immediate results. Teeth whitening is for men and women of all ages over 14. 

If you're looking to remove stains caused by aging, food/beverages, tobacco, etc., this process is for you.

BeYOUtiful Teeth

A client's teeth can get 5-20 shades brighter in a 1-hour session (With three (3) back-to-back whitening rounds). With at-home treatments, it can take 25-30 times longer to achieve results like our process delivers This process can successfully remove stains caused by aging, food/beverages, tobacco, etc.

Our process can remove stains from dental implants and veneers, restoring them back to the color they were when first implanted. Our process is also recommended after braces to remove stains.

Fourteen is the minimum age required to receive this service because the enamel is not fully developed until around that time. Your results will typically last up to a year, however, this depends on your dental hygiene and lifestyle/dietary habits. Whitening is recommended every 6-12 months to maintain maximum results, combined with the use of Pristine Whitening Toothpaste on a regular basis to help decrease staining. I have this toothpaste available for purchase!

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