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Body Contouring

Our contouring method

New clients require a 30-minute consultation before any session is purchased


* consultations are required for new clients  so our estheticians can evaluate your needs and choose the best package to yield the best results, in addition to tracking weight and measurements

An example of one (1) body part*


-Love Handle

-Inner Thigh

-Outer Thigh

-Back Thigh


-Upper Arm


Our body sculpting/contouring is crafted specifically for YOU, and your beautiful body.  We incorporate a variety of contouring modalities designed to melt fat, tighten skin and improve the flow of lymphatic drainage. Using our custom-designed process many clients begin to see results after a few sessions.  Our body contouring techniques integrate the use of body wrapping, infrared red light, manual fascia, and cellulite treatments.  Each client is given their own unique treatment at each session, structured to achieve individual body contouring results.  Results vary based on diet, and expulsion of fat after the procedure.

60 minute Session


90 Minute Session

90-minute sessions  (Max two body parts) *


Two (2) Hour Session

2 Hour session (Max two or three body parts) *


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